Tracer III-V+ / III-SD

The Instruments of the Tracer family combine the power and flexibility you would expect from a bench-top instrument with the convenience of a handheld – thanks to some pioneering, user-oriented innovations. These include the same vacuum technology that was originally developed in partnership with NASA for the space shuttle program. The instrument also comes with powerful laptop-based analytical software, live-time spectral display, and customizable filters and secondary targets, designed to optimize your analysis no matter what the application.
These analyzers allow complete user control of the excitation conditions:
– Current
– Voltage
– User selected filter
for optimization of measurement conditions for investigation of your objects. The Tracer III-SD incorporates the proprietary XFlash® Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) which provides high speed data acquisition, better resolution than the traditional SiPIN detector and light element sensitivity. When the Tracer III-SD is operated with the optional vacuum system the ultimate light element sensitivity can be achieved.

In addition to the basic instrument, the Tracer system is supplied with:
– Powerful lap-top based analytical software which provides live spectral display and complete peak identification
– A tripod mount which allows precise three dimensional positioning of the analyzer
– Unmatched application training and support.

The benefits at a glance:
– The capabilities of a bench-top instrument, with the convenience of a handheld
– Powerful laptop-based analytical software
– Customizable filters and secondary targets to optimize analysis
– Live-time spectral display
– Vacuum technology developed in partnership with NASA for the space shuttle program
– Standard package includes 360o tripod
– Proprietary XFlash® SDD technology (Tracer III-SD and IV-SD only)
– Unmatched training and support

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